Day 4, Leg 3, South Dakota Day 1, July 19, 2016

Our day was fun and wet! We went and visited the fish hatchery, and saw SOOOOOO many trout and a really fun time feeding them.

Then we went to Wyoming!


We visited a really cool archaeological dig/ sinkhole, called the Vore Buffalo Jump.


The amount of bones and cool things in the cave were amazing.

After that we dug for Arrowheads in sand box, we now have five.

What is the lowest population you have seen for a town? 1,000? 100? A town called Aladin had a population of 15, the smallest population I have ever seen.


Did you know that Spearfish South Dakota had the world record for the biggest climate changes in the quickest time? The temperature changed 49 degrees in about two minutes.  Next we went hiking and went swimming in a pot hole called Devil’s Bathtub. There was a slide naturally made out of rock, and we went sliding down it. My shorts got dropped into the stream, so I had to swim to get it.

Luke, our second cousin, drove us around in his 1947 Diamond T truck, with a really loud train horn. At the end of the day we were all pretty tired.

My parents went with Luke to an old western town called Deadwood. They went to a saloon where Wild Bill was killed!

So tomorrow….



5 thoughts on “Day 4, Leg 3, South Dakota Day 1, July 19, 2016

  1. Thank you, Trinity, for managing to find the time to write this blog! I look forward to your interesting adventures and great photography. xoxo


  2. Great facts and interesting info about each town! You make me want to check all this out for myself! Thanks, Trin! Love you 😄


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